From time to time, everybody has a bad day. However, some bad days are worse than the others – due to stress, exhaustion, emotions. Being on the verge of tears, shivering of cold in a full-heated room, feeling hopelessly lonely/panicking hysterically in your head… you name it. I don´t call them “anxiety attacks” or “depression” for a reason – rather a “lowpoint”, since this term feels more accurate. Anyway, there are definitely not  fun at all; that´s why I decided to write this quick list of my self-help tips that are working for me.

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To be perfectly honest, last week was giving me hard times. All I was craving on Friday morning was:

  • some breakfast food
  • a reasonable amount of alcohol
  • a walk in the park
  • a dog to cuddle
  • silence

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I have always liked the idea of having a blog – but was never able to keep one. All my attempts sorta failed, no matter if it was because of the “lack of inspiration” or a “bad timing”.

It feels like timing could not be any better right now, though. While moving to Berlin, I´m leaving everything familiar behind. Literally all I have is:

  • a “Swimming map of Berlin”
  • a room, somewhere in the south-east city
  • a two-volume dictionary of German proverbs, double my own weight

No doubt the following months will be challenging and adventurous. Honestly, I´m scared af – and excited.

But it´s not all about Berlin. It´s about Prague,too. About the places I go, people I meet, things I adore.

About creating something brand new and special.

I am very happy that you decided to have a look,

this is just the very beginning.