Even though the summer 2016 was apparently trying to kill me, I did survive and after a long time of moving, working and reuniting with everyone, I’m back in town! Yet a sweet little weekend trip to Amsterdam, filled with delicious coffee and a half-marathon, is on the list now. Afterwards, I’m finally returning to Berlin to start the uni after an endless semester holiday. Still can’t believe that I’m more or less “settled” in the city and can finally feel comfortable when diving into the gloomy autumn moodiness –  which feels more than great<3
Léto už (upřímně, letos k mojí velký úlevě) definitivně zmizelo z dohledu a já kromě zimních bot oprašuju i svojí kolísavou pracovní morálku, protože škola začíná za pár dní! Předtím, než se napevno vrátím do svýho milovanýho šedošedýho Berlína, si ale koncem týdne odskočím do Amsterdamu (zní to o dost víc ležérně, než jak se cítím) – na desítky shotů dobrýho kafe a taky dvacet jedna kilometrů běhu. To, čeho se ale doopravdy nemůžu dočkat, je podzimní každodennost ve městě, který už trochu znám. Po berlínský upršený rutině se mi stýskalo víc než jsem myslela<3


P1010835 (kopie)

Just a few glimpses of Paris which I visited a week ago. Also a friendly reminder to myself that the time of more summer adventures is coming soon! (Hard to believe when buried under papers in 30°C Berlin) Continue reading “GLIMPSES OF PARIS”



I never really got the Paris hype. La vie en rose & moulin rouge & instaworthy Eiffel tower sunsets… nothing for me. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when I visited the city for the first time.  I was 16 back then, had a really bad cold and was way too sarcastic to appreciate the Parisian vibes.

Last weekend (aka 3 years later), I gave Paris another shot. It was a very anti-Berlin, short weekend getaway/art marathon/ croissant feast that inspired me on several different levels. Here are some brief, honest impressions!

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May is a month of loveee [read as Phoebe from Friends would say it], but after thirty one days brimming with blooming flowers, kissing couples, cute birdies & all kinds of visual candy, you might feel a sudden urge to detox.

What I’m bringing to the table today are three romantic comedies that are completely (or almost) sugar-free, so you can actually finish watching without weeping over some unrealistic romance + the sticky sugary aftertaste.

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Summer 2016, here we go.

In spite of the lovely late autumn vibes here in Berlin, I have been clicking and browsing online like a maniac recently, only to realize it’s that time of the year again: making plans for summer. And even though I promised myself the exact opposite, nothing has really changed:

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Do you want to go to the seaside? I´m not trying to say that everybody wants to go.. Do you remember this old song by The Kooks? That´s what I was singing in Ds car on Friday night, squeezed between him and his surfboard, constantly sneezing because of my cold, being very excited because we were going north, to the seaside. A week before the start of the Christmas time.  Continue reading “”