A Heartbreak Cure on St. Valentine’s: Music Favourites

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St. Valentines generally leaves me pretty emotionless. It’s sweet when your boyfriends and girlfriends and pets remember, but it most certainly doesn’t make the Earth stop spinning if they don’t . This year, though, I’ve heard quite a few heartbreaking stories and thought about the media pressure and how does it make us all feel even more… misplaced. Even though heartbreak is, in fact, an inseparable part of love, isn’t it? These six albums celebrate heartache and make it even slightly enjoyable, each in a specific way. They also happen to be my personal favorites. Happy St Valentines & I send hugs<3

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Follow Me Around Berlin: Winter Edition



It’s been nearly two weeks since I visited Berlin after – what felt like – ages. I drank a lot of coffee and had a lot of fun with people who have a special place in my heart. It was short and sweet and also very emotional, as so many changes happened since last summer when I moved out. I walked the streets with eyes wide open and my heartbeat going full-speed.
Happiness level: freshly adopted puppy. 

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Three Bestselling Books & My Thoughts on Them


Aged ten, I was a proud bookworm. Nothing and nobody could stop me from reading: I burrowed into heaps of books and didn’t come out until I was seventeen. Since then, a lot has changed. I did a great job of overthinking, over-analyzing and  thoroughly ruining every single book I got my hands on. It’s hard to say whether it served my academic purposes or not. Sure thing is, it didn’t bring much inspiration into my life. When 2018 began, I found myself  on a blank sheet where even the simplest tasks like magazine articles seemed to be too hard to tackle.

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How Paris Inspired Me

I never really got the Paris hype. La vie en rose & moulin rouge & instaworthy Eiffel tower sunsets… nothing for me. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when I visitedthe city for the first time.  I was 16 back then, had a really bad cold and was way too sarcastic to appreciate the Parisian vibes.

Last weekend (aka 3 years later), I gave Paris another shot. It was a very anti-Berlin, short weekend getaway/art marathon/ croissant feast that inspired me on several different levels. Here are some brief, honest impressions!

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Co vám nikdo neřekne když se stěhujete do zahraničí

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Už je to víc než dva a půl roku, co jsem se přestěhovala do Berlína.
Měla jsem tenkrát velký očekávání a velký obavy, a obojí se mi podařilo předčít. Když jsem se pak teďka v srpnu přesouvala do Švédska na Erasmus, neměla jsem pro změnu ani očekávání, ani nějak zvláštní zájem o to, co se bude dít. Bylo to už poněkolikátý, co jsem se měla stěhovat, a nějak extra jsem to neprožívala. Prostě jsem si naházela věci do dvou kufrů – a přestěhovala jsem se znova.

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Složit hlavu v oblacích

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Poslední dva roky mě udržovaly konstantně na cestě. V každý z ložnic, kde jsem přespávala, číhal v rohu černý kufr a odpočítával hodiny do dalšího odjezdu. Dobíhání vlaků a autobusů, noční večeření suchý quinoi z krabičky, madlo kufru slepený izolepou.
Věčně na cestě a přitom jsem se nikdy nepohnula z místa.

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Mac DeMarco Blues


August the 31st, the last summer day. Wednesday had more than 36 hours and left me with sore muscles and heavy head. Biking to the sea to get rid of the sticky aftertaste of last night. Salty wind, shaky view. Bike is getting stuck in white sand, air is getting colder (uhh, goodbye hot July Berlin nights). Mac Demarco on repeat; failed lovestories chained in a light, easy flow. Rumbling wind is the perfect kind of silence. Clean air and a clean cut between summer and autumn, September starting in few hours.

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