All The Summer Persons I’ll Never Be

Summers to me haven’t only meant freckles and warm breeze and flushed cheeks and a soft ice-cream melting in my hand. To me, summers have always been a season to thrive. Every once a year, when the heat crept into the city and nights got lighter, I got desperately thirsty for change. During the summer, everything was possible. During the summer, I could finally become Her – the person I never even resembled.  Continue reading “All The Summer Persons I’ll Never Be”

A Heartbreak Cure on St. Valentine’s: Music Favourites

Snímek obrazovky 2018-02-13 v 21.37.49.png

St. Valentines generally leaves me pretty emotionless. It’s sweet when your boyfriends and girlfriends and pets remember, but it most certainly doesn’t make the Earth stop spinning if they don’t . This year, though, I’ve heard quite a few heartbreaking stories and thought about the media pressure and how does it make us all feel even more… misplaced. Even though heartbreak is, in fact, an inseparable part of love, isn’t it? These six albums celebrate heartache and make it even slightly enjoyable, each in a specific way. They also happen to be my personal favorites. Happy St Valentines & I send hugs<3

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Mac DeMarco Blues


August the 31st, the last summer day. Wednesday had more than 36 hours and left me with sore muscles and heavy head. Biking to the sea to get rid of the sticky aftertaste of last night. Salty wind, shaky view. Bike is getting stuck in white sand, air is getting colder (uhh, goodbye hot July Berlin nights). Mac Demarco on repeat; failed lovestories chained in a light, easy flow. Rumbling wind is the perfect kind of silence. Clean air and a clean cut between summer and autumn, September starting in few hours.

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