Are You Still Relevant?

In the past few weeks, future caught me off-guard. There’s a thin line between excitement and anxiety, and it feels like it turned into a high wire that I’ve been teetering on. But the unknown isn’t the trigger – it’s the lack of context. I wrote about dealing with peer pressure back in June and now, oh well, I’m gonna write about the lack of it.

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How I Fight Lack of Creativity

Steering away from the line of oh-so-deep posts, I’d like to explore a topic that’s currently the No. 1 on my mind: creativity. I by no means consider myself some sort of a creative guru; however, I strive to create every day. Does that mean I’m entitled to share my tips on how to fight the lack of creativity? Probably no, but I’ll write it anyway. After all, sharing is caring, nicht wahr?

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When I started this blog, I had problems being personal enough. I thought that I couldn’t write because I didn’t know anything about, well, anything. Not that this has changed (lol), but I realized that sometimes, instead of providing the answers, you can just share the questions popping in your head. So, this post is about one of the most personal topics for me -homecomings. And about all the things I still don’t know about home.

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How to Find Your F*king Balance


“What would you like to read about on a millennial blog?” I asked my parents at lunch. “What is a millennial blog?” My dad asked. “Well, that would be the blog of mine,” I replied. “Write about how to find balance with food,” he finally said. “Write about how to find balance with work,” advised mum. “Thanks guys,” I said and left our brainstorming session – only to find myself at the desk 30 minutes later, writing a text on finding balance.

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All The Summer Persons I’ll Never Be

Summers to me haven’t only meant freckles and warm breeze and flushed cheeks and a soft ice-cream melting in my hand. To me, summers have always been a season to thrive. Every once a year, when the heat crept into the city and nights got lighter, I got desperately thirsty for change. During the summer, everything was possible. During the summer, I could finally become Her – the person I never even resembled.  Continue reading “All The Summer Persons I’ll Never Be”

Are We All Wasting Our Youth?

Youth is wasted on the young, they say. Only a few years back I would be the first one to sign this. I was the 19 year old worrying about not having a retirement fund and simultaneously, about not partying enough. The twenties were just gleaming on the horizon and I was determined not to waste a single second of what seemed like a shiny new era.

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