When I started this blog, I had problems being personal enough. I thought that I couldn’t write because I didn’t know anything about, well, anything. Not that this has changed (lol), but I realized that sometimes, instead of providing the answers, you can just share the questions popping in your head. So, this post is about one of the most personal topics for me -homecomings. And about all the things I still don’t know about home.

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Dublin: A Pocket Guide for the Clueless and Unprepared


It’s been exactly one month now since me and Marie went on a three day trip to Dublin. We left Berlin and its moral hangover after the 1st of May festivities and flied to what felt like an entirely different climate zone.
Let me give you a heads-up: Dublin’s rainy. 
It just so happened that both and Marie had been running around like headless chicken the weeks following up to the trip. Therefore, we had exactly 0 idea about where we were going, what we wanted to see & what would be accurate to expect. I personally had a vague idea of a pretty city with cobblestone streets, flowers and and somehow, sheep (I do realize how that sounds, yes). I don’t know what Marie visualized but she seemed just as messy as me when we finally set foot in the capital of Ireland.

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How Paris Inspired Me

I never really got the Paris hype. La vie en rose & moulin rouge & instaworthy Eiffel tower sunsets… nothing for me. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when I visitedthe city for the first time.  I was 16 back then, had a really bad cold and was way too sarcastic to appreciate the Parisian vibes.

Last weekend (aka 3 years later), I gave Paris another shot. It was a very anti-Berlin, short weekend getaway/art marathon/ croissant feast that inspired me on several different levels. Here are some brief, honest impressions!

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Co vám nikdo neřekne když se stěhujete do zahraničí

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Už je to víc než dva a půl roku, co jsem se přestěhovala do Berlína.
Měla jsem tenkrát velký očekávání a velký obavy, a obojí se mi podařilo předčít. Když jsem se pak teďka v srpnu přesouvala do Švédska na Erasmus, neměla jsem pro změnu ani očekávání, ani nějak zvláštní zájem o to, co se bude dít. Bylo to už poněkolikátý, co jsem se měla stěhovat, a nějak extra jsem to neprožívala. Prostě jsem si naházela věci do dvou kufrů – a přestěhovala jsem se znova.

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