Summer 2016, here we go.

In spite of the lovely late autumn vibes here in Berlin, I have been clicking and browsing online like a maniac recently, only to realize it’s that time of the year again: making plans for summer. And even though I promised myself the exact opposite, nothing has really changed:


date: March, early April

mood: damn, this summer is going to be awesome. I’m definitely going to one of those hip music festivals this year. Also, this Chinese language course sounds fun. I really want to do something meaningful this year. Maybe I could volunteer in Rwanda. Maybe we could do a road trip through Scandinavia as well. funfunfun. I love my life.                                              PHASE TWO

date: Coachella pictures released

mood: i have literally nothing to wear. the weather is shit. It’s probably going to rain the whole summer anyway. Oh great, half of the people have plans already. Maybe we could cancel the road trip and go to Copenhagen instead? I really just need a short getaway that won’t cost me a fortune.


date: late May

mood:  Oh nice, summer is here. Two months ahead and I don’t have any plans. Fucking awesome. Where is all the summer clothes from last year anyway? I mean, I must have worn something…?!


date: June

mood: Hey, last minute tickets to Tokio. Great, let’s go. And let’s ask someone totally random to come with me. I mean, why not. Sounds cool, right?


date: August

mood: *going to Budapest* Wow, this is phenomenal. I couldn’t have planned it any better. This summer is great. I will do something really huge 2017 though.

(věnováno Marti)


Author: berlinkiddo

20 y.o. from Berlin/Prague.

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  1. jsem hrozná, ale čtu to všechno až teď! 😀 (aspon mi to vystačí na celý věčer ael 3:-) trošku se mi z toho chtělo plakat jak moc to sedí 😀 příští rok to všechno přijde (nebo ten další, nebo ten potom…. 😀 😀 )


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