Do you want to go to the seaside? I´m not trying to say that everybody wants to go.. Do you remember this old song by The Kooks? That´s what I was singing in Ds car on Friday night, squeezed between him and his surfboard, constantly sneezing because of my cold, being very excited because we were going north, to the seaside. A week before the start of the Christmas time. 

There is probably a whole list of things that are 100times better for a forecast with chance of snow than camping, surfing and strolling around an empty seaside resort. But I think we enjoyed this little trip partly because we were not supposed to, as it didn´t involve glühwein and watching love actually. And that was probably the best part about it – the bad timing.

I think there is something deeply satisfying in doing things the other way around. Maybe the feeling of leaving your comfort zone and breaking the expectations of others? Maybe the completely different perspective when you walk by an abandoned ice-cream stand and a hollow promenade? Or maybe it´s about feeling badass af (not so hard to feeel badass in Germany though)… but it´s definitely worth a try.

Berlin is about to be hit by the Christmas-time-madness now, the air is crispy and ice cold & everything got sprinkled with the very first snow today. My holiday is starting in a month, which means I´d better get my mid-semester stuff done and enjoy the christmas vibes, as they always fade out so quickly! But… I may allow myself to feel them a bit later, as I truly started to believe in the power of the bad timing this year.

what do you think about the “bad” timing? has it ever worked surprisingly well for you too? nice monday everyone!




Author: berlinkiddo

20 y.o. from Berlin/Prague.

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