From time to time, everybody has a bad day. However, some bad days are worse than the others – due to stress, exhaustion, emotions. Being on the verge of tears, shivering of cold in a full-heated room, feeling hopelessly lonely/panicking hysterically in your head… you name it. I don´t call them “anxiety attacks” or “depression” for a reason – rather a “lowpoint”, since this term feels more accurate. Anyway, there are definitely not  fun at all; that´s why I decided to write this quick list of my self-help tips that are working for me.


  • lower your expectations from this particular day: maybe you were planning to write a term paper, do some research reading, call your grandpa & do your laundry tonight… but maybe it´s not such a good idea at all, since it makes you feel stressed even more. Re-schedule the day and don´t be that harsh on yourself for a couple of hours.
  • go back to basics: try to simplify every single act you have to do. Basically, go through your day like a step-to-step youtube tutorial. Breakfast? Check. Chat with friends? Check. Going for a lecture? Check. Much easier, just give it a try.
  • seek beauty: I mean, if there is anything tumblr is particularly good for, it´s taking you to a world of illusions for a while.. which is not necessarily bad if you´re hitting a lowpoint. But generally, being surrounded by visually pleasant things somehow helps – no matter if it´s an artsy magazine, philosophical calligraphic quotes or gifs of puppies playing in the grass.


  • analyze anything, especially your life in general or, even worse, yourself. This can´t possibly result in anything positive and will eventually make you even more dejected.
  • try to do smalltalk because smalltalk means smiling, faking attention, nodding, giving expected answers to predictable questions… and, let´s face it, you´re not really capable of that now.
  • listen to sad music as it will only make you feel sorry about yourself.
  • push everybody away – sure, you can make it & go through this on your own… but the thing is, you don´t have to. 

And what are your experiences/tips when hitting a “lowpoint”? 


Author: berlinkiddo

20 y.o. from Berlin/Prague.

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