To be perfectly honest, last week was giving me hard times. All I was craving on Friday morning was:

  • some breakfast food
  • a reasonable amount of alcohol
  • a walk in the park
  • a dog to cuddle
  • silence

“Beginnings are always sweet,” said D the other time we were talking.

And so was the beginning of our weekend, brimming over with all these things I listed above (except dog-cuddles, what a shame). But, there´s this problem with weekends: they are usually followed with Mondays.

It took me quite a while to learn how to set the weekend mode on and to sleep in & wear sweatpants & have pancakes for breakfast.

Afterwards, it took me another time to appreciate the Monday mornings.

However, I think I finally sorted this out.

Weekend: not worrying at all, long walks and talking, naps, Nick Cave, lot of tea, clean to-do-lists for another week

Monday morning: deep breath in, coffee, friendly hugs, oatmeal for breakfast & the sound you need as a study-soundtrack

The point is, you can´t have any part without the other one. Everything has the right timing.

Have the coolest rest of this Monday and see you soon! + sorry about the Friday post I skipped, just needed a little break. Anyway, so nice that there are obviously people from ALL OVER THE WORLD reading what I write, such a motivation! Tell me how you deal with this neverending weekend-about-to-end-dilemma! puss puss from Berlin*


Author: berlinkiddo

20 y.o. from Berlin/Prague.

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