I moved abroad like two weeks ago; obviously, that doesn´t stop me from dreaming of other places I wanna go. If you´re suffering from an upcoming-winter-gloom right now or just crave some wanderlust-inspo, here you go: 3 cities that have been on my travel wishlist for way too long.

  1. Warsaw

you know this problem, when things are too easibly doable to be actually done: well, this is my problem with Warsaw. I live literally in the neighbourhood (+- ), I even have a friend over there who I intended to visit; yet, I never got to go. The thing is, I sorta think Warsaw is going to be the next cool city – the very hip secret destination you don´t tell your friends about, yet you post pictures of it on facebook so they can be jealous – like Budapest before it got cheesy some months ago, like Berlin a couple of years back in time. Apparently, Warsaw has it all; THE coffeeplaces, a pretty, re-built historical city centre, an extraordinary history. I wish I could manage to go in 2015, but I guess 2016 sounds a bit more realistic.

2. Portland 

Now, this travel-goal is based on the lamest impulse possible; I once made this stupid facebook quiz “where are you meant to live in the usa” and had been slightly obssesed with that idea of being based in Portland, wearing hipster beanies and working for some stylish, wannabe-kinfolk magazine for quite some time after that. Now, as the image has already worn out a bit, I still feel that there still might be something about Portland. + I am destined to live there anyway, right?

/all pinterest, obviously/

3. Mumbai

I swear this travel dream is nothing even remotely connected to eat-pray-love/the slumdog millionaire/the great maringold hotel etc – rather to Midnight´s Children by Salman Rushdie and my years-long fascination of India itself. The diversity, culture, religions, cuisine… I doubt I could even imagine how it really is like. Some things need to be experienced, I guess.

And what about your city-wishlist? Anywhere you wanna go? 


Author: berlinkiddo

20 y.o. from Berlin/Prague.

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