• plan everything in advance  

When it comes to small talk or grocery shopping, there is no such a thing as improvisation. You think of every possible scenario hours before,  preparing every phrase carefully (“Where-do-you-have-apples?”). You buy only things of which you can pronounce the name.

  • watch all your plans go down in a sec

They ask you some additional question and you mentally break down. “English?” you stutter in panic, instead of trying to think of some reasonable answer. Basically, everything turns into an unpredictable mess when you least expect it. Traffic closures & chaotic city plans, incomprehensible Starbucks orders, offline apps that obviously aren´t offline-friendly at all… you name it.

  • realise that everybody here is already friends with someone else

… or dating someone – or preferably both & you are obviously the only loner in the city.

  • become that clingy friend 

… while sitting at a coffee shop, sending all the “Wazzuuuup” texts to your hometown-friends you miss like hell right now.

  • buy newspapers and pretend to read them just to look busy

When in reality, you understand every third word only. But hey, nobody else knows!

  •  google your way to the grocery store
  •  google pretty much everything
  • your old playlist doesn´t sound the same 

All those songs are connected to different places and different memories. Besides that, it´s hard to  listen while constantly getting lost & freaking out because of that.

  • when someone asks how you´re doing, your answer is always “GREAT” + big fake smile on your face

Because deep inside you know – even when it doesn´t seem so – that this is how you´re doing. Great.

And what are your experiences with moving abroad? 


Author: berlinkiddo

20 y.o. from Berlin/Prague.

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