All The Summer Persons I’ll Never Be

Summers to me haven’t only meant freckles and warm breeze and flushed cheeks and a soft ice-cream melting in my hand. To me, summers have always been a season to thrive. Every once a year, when the heat crept into the city and nights got lighter, I got desperately thirsty for change. During the summer, everything was possible. During the summer, I could finally become Her – the person I never even resembled.  Continue reading “All The Summer Persons I’ll Never Be”

Are We All Wasting Our Youth?

Youth is wasted on the young, they say. Only a few years back I would be the first one to sign this. I was the 19 year old worrying about not having a retirement fund and simultaneously, about not partying enough. The twenties were just gleaming on the horizon and I was determined not to waste a single second of what seemed like a shiny new era.

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Nothing Like a Good Dose of Peer Pressure in Your Twenties

“Actually, I already wrote an article on the exactly same topic,” chuckled Margarethe while sipping on wine. It was a Saturday night and we were sitting on her bedroom floor, preparing for a much needed dancing session after the long week.
I had all sorts of feelings inciting me write this post, but hearing that my witty, talented friend already wrote what was most likely to be a  more sophisticated version of the same article I had on my mind simply made me burst out. Given the context and the topic, it was more than ironic.

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Dublin: A Pocket Guide for the Clueless and Unprepared


It’s been exactly one month now since me and Marie went on a three day trip to Dublin. We left Berlin and its moral hangover after the 1st of May festivities and flied to what felt like an entirely different climate zone.
Let me give you a heads-up: Dublin’s rainy. 
It just so happened that both and Marie had been running around like headless chicken the weeks following up to the trip. Therefore, we had exactly 0 idea about where we were going, what we wanted to see & what would be accurate to expect. I personally had a vague idea of a pretty city with cobblestone streets, flowers and and somehow, sheep (I do realize how that sounds, yes). I don’t know what Marie visualized but she seemed just as messy as me when we finally set foot in the capital of Ireland.

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